... extend knowledge, share findings, cooperate internationally

IMHA is the sole international association concerned exclusively with Maritime Health.

We are an association of professionals from a wide range of disciplines who are committed to improving the health of seafarers by developing better approaches to health protection, health promotion and health treatment both locally and internationally.


IMHA members undertake research to investigate the importance of different risks and the effectiveness of the interventions used to prevent or treat seafarer health problems. Research results are used to improve maritime health practice. Members keep in contact to ensure international cooperation and enable sharing of knowledge and evidence. 


  • Our members come from all continents and are concerned with securing better standards of maritime health by increasing scientific knowledge as well as by ensuring ethical and equitable treatment. 
  • We work closely with national maritime authorities, trade unions, employers and international organisations.
  • We have a network of maritime health ambassadors to be the focus for local initiatives.
  • We organise a range of workshops, training events and symposia as well as producing a regular newsletter for our members