Maritime Health Journals

International Maritime Health (Int Marit Health ISSN: 1641-9251).
The Official Journal of IMHA.

Publisher: Instytut Medycyny Morskiej i Tropikalnej w Gdyni (Poland), Language: English.
It continues the Bulletin of the Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia [Bull Inst Marit Trop Med Gdynia ISSN: 0324-8542 (1975-1998)] that continues the Biuletyn Instytutu Medycyny Morskiej w Gda´nsku (1957-1974) that continues the Bulletin of the State Institute of Marine and Tropical Medicine in Gda´nsk (1950-1956), one of the oldest still active maritime medicine journals in Europe (Although there was a Rivista maritima, Riv Maritt ISSN: 0035-6964 indexed in Medline published in 1868 in Italian and another one Rivista di medicina aeronautica from 1938-1958 et spaziale till 1992). One issue per year. Indexed in CIS and Medline (to consult abstracts and for more information you can use
Medicina Marítima (Maritime Medicine Journal) Med Marit ISSN: 1136 - 6532. Published by the Sociedad Española de Medicina Marítima - SEMM from1995,twoissues per year. Contents index can be consulted via internet All titles and abstracts are in English and you can e-mail or complete a form in their website for free full articles in pdf. Languages accepted Spanish, English and French (according to the author’s wish but always with translation into Spanish). Peer reviewed. Included in the catalogue of the National Library of Health Sciences "IS. Carlos III", Fisterra, Latindex and in ILO, Centro Internacional de Información sobre Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo (CIS) data base CISDOC.
Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service (J R Nav Med Serv ISSN: 0035-9033. Published by the Alverstoke Royal Naval Medical Service from 1915, three issues a year. Language: English. Journal is indexed In: OLDMEDLINE, fully indexed in: Index medicus v51n2,summer 1965-MEDLINE v51n2,summer 1965-PubMed v51n2,summer 1965- Main subject is naval medicine and military medicine. Edited by the staff of the Royal Naval Medical School, Alverstoke, Apr./July 1948
“The Herald for Maritime Medicine” was founded in 1997 (ISSN 0049-6804) by the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Research Institute for Maritime Medicine” (since 2005- State Enterprise “Ukrainian Research Institute for Medicine of Transport”), the State Department of Maritime and Inland Fleet and the Trade Union of Marine Workers of Ukraine. It has the following items:
· Organization of medical and prophylaxis service
· Physiology and pathology of human adaptation to the conditions of the World Ocean
· Clinical practice and prophylactic medicine
· Hygiene, sanitary, and occupational diseases
· Medical and ecological problems of seacoast regions
· New medical technologies
· Experimental and theoretical aspects of biology and medicine
· Reviews
Articles should be not less than three pages long, and references are obligatory.
“Actual Problems of Transport Medicine(ISNN 1818-9385) was founded in 2005 by the “Ukrainian Research Institute for Medicine of Transport” and the Bogatsky Physical and Chemical Institute of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. This journal publishes articles containing:
· New theoretical and experimental data
· Results of research and trials connected with the health of workers in the transport industry, The
influence of transport on the surroundings
· Health of the general population.
Articles should be from 3 to 20 pages long.
The official languages of both of the above journals are Russian, English and Ukrainian.
Articles may be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Alert! the International Maritime Human Element Bulletin
The last edition of Alert! (issue no. 18) focussed on seafarer health, safety and wellbeing, and I would recommend it strongly to our readers who will be able to find much of interest there. Some news items from that edition can be found in our “From Other Sources” section. You can download it (and other editions) from their website, at
Other Maritime health Journals and publications:
  • CIRM (Fondazione Centro Internationale Radio Medico) Research (from 1997 but not regular),
  • Chinese Journal of Nautical Medicine (Ed. Chinese Medical Association, published quarterly),
  • SEMPOS (The Seamen’s Insurance Foundation) with a Japanese Journal of Maritime Medicine and a research program since 1958.
  • Wavelength, the Centrofin Newsletter.