How to organize ISMH


How to Organize the International Symposium On Maritime Health (ISMH) ?

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IMHA BOARD RULE   009 :           ISMH
By decision of the board :    24/10/10   
Current revision:                  18/11/11                

1.     The host country and main organiser of each ISMH will be chosen by the IMHA Board of Directors

2.     The first call for applications will be made four years (two symposia) in advance of the ISMH, in the IMHA newsletter.

3.     A six month deadline will be given for applications.

4.     Applications will be made to the IMHA Office, using the application documents attached (see Appendix)

5.     Although applicants do not have to be members of IMHA they should only apply with strong backing from local/regional IMHA members.  Professional conference organisers with no maritime expertise are not encouraged to apply without this.

6.     Once the deadline is reached, applications will be sent to the committee for voting by the Office Assistant.

7.     Applications will be evaluated taking into account

a.     Past experience

b.    Knowledge of and interest in Maritime Health

c.     Technical and scientific ability

d.    Strength of potential programme with respect to Maritime Health

e.     Suitability of venue

f.     Organisational ability

g.    The international nature of the Symposium

8.     Votes should be transmitted only to the IMHA Office (not to the whole committee)

9.     Once all votes have been received the Office Assistant will inform the committee of the result, and will then inform the applicants.

10.  The decision of the committee will be made three years in advance, and announced in the IMHA newsletter and at the next Symposium.

11.  The programme will be led by local/regional maritime health professionals in partnership with IMHA

12. A memorandum of understanding must be entered into with IMHA who will assist with the organisation of the symposium.