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It is long time that the IMHA Research Group (IMHAR) proposal was presented in Brest, 12ISMH, June 7th, 2013 (A meeting chaired by Luisa Canals - Chair of the 12ISMH Scientific Committee - and Alf Magne Horneland - IMHA President). It was taking the MARIN meeting proposal as background, Poland, June 12th, 2012, chaired by Don Prisno III and proposed by Bogdam Jaremin. From the p:roposal of this group, in an IMHA board meeting, the objectives, tasks and other points were stated in a text. It was the turn of the foundational IMHA Researh Group to reach a consensus of what document of rules and regulations wanted. Some discussion by e-mail was active in September 2013 and an excel file with the members was created. A new IMHA board meeting and Workshop for IMHA Strategies took place in London, February 3rd, 2014. The goal was to have a draft for a consensus document to regulate IMHA main actions towards 2020. The Mandate of the IMHA board for this group was presented in Barcelona, Oct. 18th, 2014 and M. Luisa Canals was appointed by the IMHA board to chair the Steering Committe. You can download the IMHA Research Mandate.
The first IMHA Research Group General Meeting took place in Barcelona, Oct. 18th, 2014 [You can find the main conclusions and presentations in their hosts website]. It was stated as a practical rule of the group that the annual general meetings of this IMHAR (IMHA Research Group) will also have a Research Workshop or a practical activity. In this first case the practical activity was aTrainig Worshop: "Better and more maritime epidemiological research! - how to improve the culture of research and publication" where we teach the use of Mendeley as a tool to support the use of bibliographic references. The Hispanophancophone Congress Group supported the expenses of it. See the video link too.
Report and Actions taken:
A) - Management: In Spite of the fact that English is the main working language. A proposal of a Steering Committe by 3 subgroups of communication by languages and areas with support of some national scientific associations and other institutions was accepted to facilitate collaboration. That's why meetings by subgroups were organised. The main IMHAR Mediterranean Roman Languages Subgroup meeting took place in Brest, March 19th, 2015 and the main for IMHAR Atlantic , onboard the DFDS Seaways Ferry in the way Copenhagen - Oslo and back Mai 22nd, 2015, in that a strategic meeting asking for support to IMHA board took place. The General one of that year 2015 was during the International Symposium on Maritime Health in Bergen June 24th, 2015 were it was a meeting with Nordic researchers and a practical training workshop for the use of "Zotero". Next  General meeting with 2 Workshops "Competences and Research" will be in Manila in the 14th ISMH, 21-24th March, 2017. Other meetings and activities are listed in the table that appears in the next presentation-report of the IMHAR and its activities:
Please click here to see the presentation-report updated to 2017 that you can use to introduce our group IMHAR
B) - Collaboration & Data Base: Contacts were stablished and support has been given to the organisation of meetings and activities of National Associations on Maritime Medicine (Eg. the newest in Portugal, Morocco, in Iberoamérica SOMEMARPORT... our older partners SEMM from Spain and SFMM from France are supporting our meetings including them in the Hispano-francophone Congresses) and Researchers Groups (Eg. Nordic group in Bergen, TMAS in Rome ... CIRM, EOM), Universities (Eg. UBO-psychosocial factors project, SDU-EC Blue Carrers, Medicals for the Fishing Industry ... Yale U-ExposureMatrix, Memorial University Canada, SIRC in Cardiff University) and other institutions (IBEMAR-Venezuela ... VININAM Vietnam). Some presentations have been collected for our Data base. In relation to the 2 Research topics selected from the first meeting: TMAS proposal for Research (it was a joint-venture with the IMHA TMAS-group) and Professional Competences in Maritime Health (a new project is been prepared to be presented in a WS in the next ISMH in Manila, March 2017) , we have still 2 draft original articles to be published in 2017. IMHA Research Data Base available in IMHA website is a must for our group, that´s why it was a main point in our General meeting and workshop in Paris, 6-7 Oct, 2016 "Practical tips to manage scientific databases : exchanging researchers’experiences for IMHA Research" (brain storming about how to make available fulltext scientific articles, own researchers' data base an experiences, dissemination in the Maritime Health Community: Conferences, Journals, Education, Projects …, how to integrate it in IMHA website, a logo for the group will be proposed). Finally we decided to use a wiki site for our material while the IMHA website is renewed.
C) - Training and Continuing Education: After the workshop of the 1st IMHAR Meeting in Barcelona there has been an Implementation of "Mendeley" data base learning and after the 2nd (Citation tools for references in scientific articles) in Bergen "Zotero" has also been included in some University courses like the Master in Maritime Health of the University of Cadis. The MLC 2006 training seminars have also been developped in Udelas University in Panama and will be the central subject for a Seminar that we are preparing for September 15-16th, 2016. We are also testting some possibilities of agreement in Venezuela and Nicaragua to implement Seafarers Medical Examinations and the MLC 2006 training ... and with the subject of Sanitation and Risk Prevention with SDk Denmark for next year. Some information has been presented in AMEE (Association of Medical Education) Conferences (see the Poster presented in Glasgow AMEE 2015 Poster 8FF, August 2015). We have not to forget the important collaboration of IMHA with Bergen University and NCMM that continues in opened training materials available on line like the Textbook of Maritime Medicine, Int. Marit. Health Journal, TF Grant 3561 “e-handbook for seafarers’ medical examiners and others like Offshore courses, NIVA courses etc.
D) - Dissemination:
- We strongly recommend to read the articles that we publish in the IMHA Newsletter to have a better idea of IMHA Research:
IMHA Newsletter 2015 April: Canals ML. IMHA Research – Why? How? Who?
IMHA Newsletter 2016 June: Jensen OC, Canals ML. IMHA Research–Network
- We are using different website platforms and languages: IMHA website in English, in Spanish (and you can download the zip with all the presentations of our 1st IMHA Research Meeting & WS in Barcelona) and in French (we are preparing there our 3rd IMHA Research General Meeting and WS ...remember that we will meet in Paris this year 2016) 
- Joint agreement for publication in Scientific Journals (abstracts of the main articles 2014 from the Int. Marit Health in English to the Maritime Medicine Journal in Spanish and viceversa). and Conferences (See the the aforementioned Poster in AMEE:"Maritime Health International e-Learning Postgraduate Medical Education Courses:  An inter-university collaboration to train health professionals around the world."). Articles in Spanish in Medicina Maritima
Window to the word & News. Med Marit 2014; 14 (2) and 15 (1-2)
Accepted articles for the International Maritime Healh journal (and 2 more pending draft articles for 2016):
From our meeting with Nordic Researchers we published an article in March 2016 in the "Letter to the Editor" section: Jepsen RJ, Canals ML, Ulven AJ, Lucas D. International Maritime Health Association (IMHA) — expanding participation, coverage and service.International Maritime Health 2016;67 (1):51-53.
Click to see IMHAR Strategies DiagramIMHAR Strategies

How can you communicate with us? You can use for your comments:

  1. The IMHA website forum: Research (you need to login and register, possibility for all IMHA members and invited IMHA Research Group users).
  2. We have created a questionnaire form in google drive to collect in a transparent way your comments (here it is the direct link
  3. The possibility of using the e-mail of the IMHAR chair (M. Luisa Canals e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or vice-chair Olaf Jensen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , IMHA secretariat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or any of the leading persons of the subgroups in the steering committee (subgroups of communication by languages, areas, topics, tasks ...) approuved according active and dynamic projects. We have also created a mailing list for those that have applied to be members of IMHA Research Group. We are updating it, If you want to joint us, send an e-mail with a short CV, explain the reason you are interested in and how can you collaborate with us, suggestions are admitted, send us a photo and do not forget a good e-mail and telephone). For institutions, scientific associations ... instead of the photo send us your logo, there is a possibility of an agreement with IMHA and our group. 
  4. A website to download some documents (texts, minutes, presentations, summary of comments ...) and give information of the activities will be created. We need more time for a real data base. In the meanwhile you can find a temporal link in with some of the mentioned historical documents.

Proposals of activities coming from some of members of the IMHA Research Group:

  1. Advisers for Research Projects, training of researchers ... : Olaf Jensen, Henrik Hansen, Jørgen Riis Jepsen, Despena Andrioti, M Rosa Fenoll-Brunet, Tobby Abaya, Ilona Denisenko, Thanawat Supanitayanon, Marcel Alcaraz  ... etc. We have been working and presented in March 2017 a project for EC Horizon2020 project: Global Sea Health. We are waiting to finish another one about a Medical Giuide for ME in fishermen.
  2. Organisations related to Maritime Health and Bibliographic References data base, communication tools: Dominique Jégaden, David Lucas, Lucas Viruly, Lygia Therese Budnik, Xaver Baur ... etc. In Sept 21-23rd, 2017 in Panama there will be another meeting to talk on Innovation and e-health. In October 2017, we are preparing a WS in Ibiza.
  3. Help to publish scientific articles: Maria Jecewska, M. Luisa Canals, LM. Shafran ... etc.

Thanks for helping IMHA Research group, we expect your collaboration

M. Luisa Canals
IMHA Research Group Chair